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Corn+Soybean Digest

Chemical Clips

Monsanto announces a new "rainfast warranty" on its Roundup Ultra, Roundup UltraMax and Roundup UltraDry herbicides.

The warranty can be used by qualified growers who need to respray due to unexpected rain more than one hour after application. According to Dean Hendrickson, U.S. Roundup Brand Manager, growers will receive herbicide for the reapplication at no cost to them.

The warranty is part of the company’s Roundup Rewards Value Package, which gives a broad range of risk-sharing incentives for growers who buy Roundup brand herbicides and Monsanto seed from authorized dealers. For more on the package or the warranty, call 1-800-ROUNDUP or link to, which gives information on Monsanto’s seed and chemical products.

New Premix Tames Tough Weeds

A new corn premix gives growers consistent control of tough grass and broadleaf weeds in all tillage systems, according to its manufacturer, BASF.

Guardsman Max controls weeds including foxtails, fall panicum, crabgrass, barnyardgrass, waterhemp, velvetleaf and lambsquarters. Its water solubility ensures that the herbicide moves laterally in the soil’s weed zone to control where weeds germinate.

It can be applied preplant, pre-emergence and early postemergence. The low-rate formulation allows at least 10% more acres per gallon to be treated as compared with products such as Bicep II Magnum, Harness Xtra or FulTime, according to BASF.

Retailers To Set Lower Liberty Price

A lower price on Liberty, a postemergence herbicide used on LibertyLink seed varieties, won’t be linked to a rebate program, as it was last year. According to its manufacturer, Aventis CropScience, retailers will determine the price.

"We want the outstanding performance of Liberty herbicide to be economical for all corn growers," says Kin Sweet, Liberty product lead. "With the reduced price and new seed corn hybrids, growers will have a greater opportunity to include the Liberty program as part of their corn acres."

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