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Center pivot updates

The center pivot irrigation system is 50 years old. Since the first system was sold under the Valley brand in 1954, more than 145,000 Valley pivots have been sold. They have been used all over the world and now account for half of all the center pivots in operation.

Valmont Industries, which owns the Valley brand, recently commemorated the brand's 50th birthday by introducing several new products for the irrigation business.

cams Pocket Pro.

Growers will save time monitoring and controlling center pivots with the new cams Pocket Pro that operates with a personal digital assistant (PDA) that has cell phone capabilities. A phone link is used at the pivot point, which communicates with the irrigation control panel. The grower then calls the phone link through the Pocket Pro and can view the irrigation controls on the PDA screen. The grower may change all the irrigation control panel functions from the PDA, including changing directions and turning sections on and off. The device is designed for use with Kyocera 7135. Cost of the software is $395, and hardware starts at $1,550. Circle 201.

cams Water Scout

Growers who want to monitor in-field soil moisture can use the cams Water Scout. The new soil probe contains sensors to collect hourly data about soil moisture at different levels in the ground. It will store the information for seven days to show changes in moisture levels. The Water Scout is compatible with the cams Pro2 panel. Only one 40-in. probe is needed per irrigation circle. Price of a three-sensor Water Scout is $2,850. Circle 203.

V-3 Drive

Valley's new V-3 Drive adds a third tire at each drive unit to reduce wheel ruts under a center pivot system. According to the company, the third tire provides 50% more flotation and gives more traction to keep the pivot from getting stuck as often in difficult soil spots. The V-3 is available for any Valley model 6000 or 8000 pivot or linear machine. All current tire sizes used by Valley may be used. The cost of adding the V-3 to a new system is $945 plus the price of an additional tire. Retrofit parts packages are available to add the option to irrigation equipment in the field for a price of $1,540. Circle 204.

Two-wheel Linear

Valmont is offering another option to the Valley line of linear irrigation systems. The new Two-wheel Linear is designed to be flexible and works even in small, irregularly shaped fields. The company says it is a good option for growers switching from surface irrigation to mechanized irrigation. A three-span model starts at $28,000, depending on options. Circle 205.

For more information, contact Valmont Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 358, Valley, NE 68064, 402/359-2201, or visit or

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