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Caught pink-handed

Growers troubled with methamphetamine thefts of anhydrous ammonia now have a new weapon to thwart thieves. GloTell added to an anhydrous ammonia tank will stain anyone or anything a bright pink. The stain will last up to seven days or more. Most of the stain can be washed off with aggressive washing but is still detectable under UV lighting.

According to GloTell Distributors, methamphetamine made from GloTell-treated anhydrous ammonia is stained pink. This, in turn, will stain meth users. GloTell also hinders the meth drying process.

Field testing with GloTell on several farms revealed an additional benefit to growers. Tank leaks were quickly detected because of the telltale pink stain.

Royster-Clark is marketing GloTell. It is being targeted to anhydrous ammonia retailers who are at greatest risk for theft. The product is added to anhydrous at storage sites before it is transferred into nurse tanks used by growers.

The company says the product will not affect anhydrous ammonia effectiveness or cause environmental problems. It also is safe for people to handle.

Southern Illinois University — Carbondale researched GloTell in the field for two years and also found no adverse effects. The treatment rate of 1.5 oz./ton anhydrous ammonia is so minimal that soil fertility was unchanged and the product biodegraded within a couple of days. On-farm testing also revealed that GloTell is not corrosive to anhydrous equipment.

Royster-Clark reports that the on-farm tests proved farmers consistently using GloTell last spring did not experience theft of tanks left in the fields. The tanks were marked with decals saying they contained GloTell. Nurse tanks left in adjacent fields sustained repeated thefts.

The product is packaged in 30-oz. bottles and sold in cases of 12 bottles. Each bottle costs $180. To purchase GloTell from Royster-Clark, call 866/786-7638. For more information, visit or, or circle 196.

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