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Case IH introduces rugged RMX790 offset disk

With the introduction of the rugged, new CASE IH RMX790 offset disk, farmers have a stronger, heavier and more reliable option for finishing, plowing and other tillage activities. It also is available in larger folding sizes for increased productivity.

“The new Case IH RMX790 offset disk harrow has several advantages over its predecessors and the rest of the market,” says Tim Nix, marketing manager for Case IH soil management products. “The added strength allows for a longer product life with less downtime, while the heavier weight per blade provides better soil penetration and performance. We've also added larger sizes and made the RMX790 easier to adjust, operate and service for even more productivity.”

Offered in both rigid mainframe and larger folding configurations, the RMX790 is available in a plowing version, as an all-purpose offset disk or as a finishing offset disk, depending upon a grower's tillage challenges.

Size and width configurations include:

  • Finishing offset disk — 26-inch diameter disk blades, 10.5-inch front gang spacing, and 9-inch rear gang spacing provide superior finishing capabilities because of closer rear gang spacing. As a folding model only, it is available in 21-feet-2-inch, 24-feet and 26-feet-10-inch working widths.

  • All-purpose offset disk — 28-inch diameter disk blades, 10.5-inch gang spacing. The rigid model is available in 11-feet-5-inch, 13-feet-11-inch, 17-feet-2-inch, and 19-feet-9-inch working widths; the larger folding model comes in 20-feet-6-inch, 23-feet-10-inch and 27-feet-2-inch widths.

  • Plowing disk — 32-inch diameter disk blades, 12-inch gang spacing. The rigid machine working widths include 11-feet-1-inch, 13-feet-11-inches, 16-feet-10-inches and 19-feet-8-inches. The folding model working width is 21-feet-6-inches.

The increased strength and ruggedness of the RMX790 begins with a mainframe constructed with 6-inch by 8-inch structural tubing, a 47 percent larger section on the tongue hitch plate, and a newly designed front-left hitch pull plate that's 60 percent stronger. Gang tubes on 17 foot and larger machines are now made of a full half-inch thick structural tubing. In addition, the bolt size for the rockshaft bearing mount has been increased to seven eighths inch for 38 percent more clamping load at the wheel.

The larger folding machines include a re-inforced mainframe with two additional 7-inch by 7-inch fore and aft gang tubes to minimize frame twist and allow the front and rear gangs to operate at equal depths. The tongue is also reinforced on larger models, making it 35 percent stronger than previous designs. A solid, new wing-hinge design includes a larger heat-treated pin pivoting on heat-treated bushings that can be greased and are easily serviceable. In addition, Case IH reinforced the wing cylinder anchor point and added cylinder linkage supports on the folding gang tubes.

Shipments of the Case IH RMX790 rigid machines will begin in late fall 2004. Folding machines will be available for shipment beginning in spring of 2005.

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