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Case has new line hay-forage tools

Case IH has introduced a totally new line of hay and forage equipment, designed to boost the productivity of livestock producers and commercial hay growers alike.

“Our new products put the Case IH brand at the forefront of hay and forage equipment technology,” says Patrick Carter, Case IH product marketing manager for hay and forage. “Case IH dealers now can offer our customers an even more advanced line of round and square balers, mower conditioners, windrowers and other equipment designed to meet their specific needs.”

The new Case IH hay and forage line includes:

  • Four round balers.

  • Four small square balers.

  • Two large rectangular balers.

  • Six mower conditioners, including three disk mower conditioners and two sizes of center-pivot machines.

  • Three models of self-propelled windrowers.

  • A pull-type forage harvester.

    The new Case IH line builds on the strengths of the previous products, while also offering several new features and distinctions.

  • Mower conditioners will continue to offer a choice of rubber-on-rubber or steel-on-steel conditioning rolls. Available on selected models, the steel rolls are long-lasting and popular in western North America. Sicklebar mower conditioners are offered in both center-pivot and side pull configurations. Disk mower conditioners are also available.

  • Self-propelled windrowers are available in three models that insure clean cutting, smooth crop flow and consistent conditioning. Each WDX Series windrower can be equipped with a sicklebar header in 12, 13, 16 or 18-foot cutting widths. The WDX1701 can be equipped with either a sicklebar or disk header.

  • Large rectangular balers are available in three configurations: standard, packer, cutter and rotor cutter. The packer cutter feature uses steel forks to rake hay across the knives, cutting it into shorter lengths. The rotor cutter — optional on both models — provides even more aggressive cutting to produce bales ideal for dairy cattle and livestock feeding operations. Bales are 3×3 or 4, 3, depending on model.

  • Round balers come in five models and a Silage Special version. They offer several electric and electronic wrapping options. Electric twine wrap — a feature exclusive to the new Case IH round balers — gives operators control of bale wrap from the cab. Proven Chevron-pattern belts continue, as on previous Case IH round balers.

  • Small square balers pack tight, well-formed bales in 14- by 18-inch or 16- by 18-inch sizes.

  • The forage harvester line includes a three-row corn head and two hay headers to meet the needs of large-volume forage producers.

  • The popular Case IH 600 forage blower will continue to be sold.

“The 600 has been a leading blower in the industry for some years,” says Carter. “For farmers who have upright silos, this blower is the best choice on the market.”

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