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Case chisel plow builds field finish

Improved field finish, superior residue distribution and long lasting durability are features that farmers can count on with the new Case IH 5850 chisel plow.

“With new shank enhancements and harrow options on the 5850, we are building on our established reputation for superior soil penetration, consistent leveling and ease of operation,” says Keith Whitaker, Case IH product and marketing manager, tillage. “We've used input from farmers to focus these latest performance improvements.”

Originally introduced on the 5800 chisel plow, the edge-on shank design has been redesigned to provide even better performance and durability. The entry angle of the new shank is reduced by 50 percent and the wing angle of the sweep by 33 percent compared to traditional shank and sweep designs.

The reduced entry angle decreases the horsepower required per sweep. Less soil is thrown to the surface and more crop residue remains exposed, helping prevent erosion.

“We've gone to great lengths to improve the reliability and durability of this new shank,” says Whitaker. “We've made improvements from top to bottom, from a reinforced head bracket and mounting clamp to recessing the lower sweep-mounting hole on the shank to help prevent bolt and nut wear.”

Tough residue conditions aren't a problem with the 22-inch, heavy-duty coil tine harrows featured on the new 5850 chisel plow. The three-bar harrows have an adjustable down pressure spring to provide extra pressure where needed to obtain the right surface condition and field finish. The tine angle also is easily adjustable to provide uniform residue flow.

The Case IH tradition of excellent depth control continues with the 5850 chisel plow. Walking beam axles on all mainframes provide better flotation over uneven terrain. The same axles are used on the wing frames of 25 to 53-foot machines to provide precise depth control across the entire machine width.

An automatic self-leveling hitch maintains a uniform depth even when the working depth of the machine is changed. This equipment, standard on all 5850 chisel plows, combines mechanical and hydraulic linkages to keep the front and rear shanks of the machine level as it moves up and down.

“Customers also may take advantage of the optional floating hitches offered on the 5850,” Whitaker says. “Close-coupled front caster wheels on the floating hitch work with the mainframe walking beam wheels to provide a virtual machine suspension, allowing the chisel plow to hug the ground. Instead of using a conventional rigid hitch that often flexes and scrapes uneven ground, causing erratic depths, the floating hitch is able to move with the terrain.”

A positive mechanical crank on either the standard self-leveling hitch or the optional floating hitch aids the chisel plow achieve side leveling and depth control.

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