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California farmers & ranchers meet to discuss sustainable agriculture as Congress debates the 2007 Farm Bill

The Sustainable Ag Expo, slated for Nov. 1 – 2 at the Paso Robles, Calif. Event Center, is providing a forum for farmers to share information on sustainable practices in all areas of production agriculture.

The topic of sustainable agriculture is of increasing importance as the 2007 Farm Bill or “Food Bill” as some are calling it, is debated in the Congress. At such an important time in the legislative process, farmers and ranchers from throughout California are gathering to learn about the latest research and innovations in sustainable agriculture at the Sustainable Ag Expo.

Attendees will be addressed by rancher, farmer, businessman and conservationist, Bill Lyons Jr., former Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agricutlure (CDFA). “We are very excited about the timing of the Expo given the debates that are taking place in Congress concerning the Farm Bill and immigration reform, which both significantly affect California farmers and ranchers,” stated Kris O’Connor, Central Coast Vineyard Team Executive Director and event partner. “The Expo provides information for farmers and ranchers to implement on-farm conservation practices and acts as a forum for sustainable agriculture outreach, both of which should be strengthened in the 2007 Farm Bill.”

The even brings together researchers, academics, agency representatives, and farmers to address a variety of production, environmental, and social issues facing California agriculture. Seminar topics will include current legal issues, water quality, reduced-risk pest control, air quality, energy efficiency, and integrated farming practices.

Trade exhibits will be of interest to a broad range of farmers, and will include information on everything from machinery to fertility to biodiesel. The event also meets continuing education requirements for Pest Control Advisors, Private Applicators, Certified Crop Advisors, and for the Conditional Ag Waiver for Irrigated Agriculture.

The Sustainable Ag Expo is a unique event combining educational seminars with a trade show featuring topics and products supporting the environmental, economic, and social aspects of agricultural sustainability. The Expo is currently accepting registration for exhibitors and attendees. For more information visit or call (805) 369-2288.

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