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California crop acreage ups and downs

California barley acreage down

The latest USDA/NASS crop report forecasts California’s harvested barley acreage at 60,000, 8 percent below last year. Nationally, the area to be harvested, at 3.54 million acres, is 20 percent above the 2.95 million acres harvested the previous year.

California grain corn acreage 190,000

California farmers expect to harvest 190,000 acres of the state's 670,000 acres of corn for grain this season, up 73 percent from last year, according to USDA/NASS. The largest California corn acreage prior to this year was 600,000 acres planted in 1998.

This is the largest corn-for-grain acreage since 2000. The remaining 480,000 acres will be harvested for silage. High corn grain prices, as well as strong demand for corn used for silage by dairy farms, encouraged the record high plantings.

In the U.S., corn planted acreage is estimated at 92.9 million, 19 percent above last year. Growers expect to harvest 85.4 million acres for grain, up 21 percent from 2006.

California Pima cotton acreage 265,000

California's cotton growers planted 185,000 thousand acres of Upland cotton and 265,000 acres of American Pima cotton in 2007, according to USDA/NASS.

Upland acreage is down 35 percent, and American Pima acreage is down 4 percent from 2006.

Upland planted acreage is at its lowest level on record. Additionally, 2007 marks the first time Pima acres have exceeded Upland acres in California. Nationally, planted Upland cotton acreage is expected to total 10.8 million acres, down 28 percent from last year. Growers intend to plant 298,000 thousand acres of American-Pima cotton, down 9 percent from last year.

Non-alfalfa hay acreage up sharply

California growers are harvesting alfalfa from 950,000 acres this season, down 10 percent from last year’s 1.05 million acres, according to USDA/NASS.

The estimate for all other hay to be harvested is 620,000, up 17 percent from last year’s total. U.S. acreage harvested for alfalfa hay is estimated at 21.5 million, up fractionally from 2006. All other hay harvested acreage is expected to total 40.3 million acres, up 2 percent from a year earlier.

California oat acreage down 26 percent

California growers seeded on 200,000 acres of oats this season, according to USDA/NASS. Acreage expected to be harvested for grain totaled 25,0000 acres, 25 percent above 2006. Nationally, the area harvested for grain, at 1.61 million acres, is up 2 percent from 2006.

California rice acreage virtually unchanged

California rice growers seeded 522,000 acres this season, down 1 percent from last year, according to USDA/NASS. Planted acreage of medium grain rice is down 1 percent from last year at 455,000 acres, while acreage planted to short grain rice is unchanged from 2006 at 60,000.The acreage planted to long grain rice totaled 7,000 acres, a 17 percent increase from 2006.

U.S. growers are expecting to harvest 2.73 million acres of rice in 2007, 3 percent below last year. Long grain rice will be harvested from 2.08 million acres, medium grain rice from 583,000 acres, and short grain from 61,000 acres.

50,000 acres of safflower in California

California safflower growers planted 50,000 acres in 2007, according to USDA/NASS. Safflower acreage is down 11 percent from last year’s total. U.S. growers are expecting to harvest 163,000 acres, 9 percent below the previous year.

Beet acres continue falling

California growers have planted and intend to plant 39,500 acres to sugar beets, down 9 percent from last year's total planted acreage, according to USDA/NASS. U.S. growers planted an estimated 1.26 million acres of sugar beets for 2007, 8 percent below the previous year.

Wheat acreage up sharply

California's Durum wheat planted acreage is estimated at 90,000 acres, 29 percent above last year. Of that, 85,000 acres were harvested for grain, an increase of 31 percent from 2006, according to USDA/NASS.

California’s acreage seeded to winter wheat totaled 550,000 acres, up 22 percent from 2006. U.S. Durum planted acreage for 2007 is estimated at 2.23 million acres, an increase of 19 percent from last year. The area to be harvested for grain is expected to total 2.16 million acres, 19 percent above last year’s level. U.S. acreage harvested for winter wheat is estimated at 37.6 million acres, 21 percent above 2006.

Wheat, barley stocks down

Stocks of wheat in California totaled 104,000 tons on June 1, 2007, 24 percent below the 136,000 thousand tons on hand a year earlier. U.S. stocks of all wheat, at 13.7 million tons, were 20 percent less than the 17.1 million tons on hand June 1, 2006.

Barley stocks in California totaled 10,300 tons on June 1, 2007, 28 percent below a year earlier. U.S. barley stocks, at 1.65 million tons, were 36 percent below the June 1, 2006 total.

Off-farm stocks of corn in California totaled 156,000 tons on June 1, 2007, 10 percent above a year earlier. U.S. stocks of corn in all positions totaled 98.9 million tons, 19 percent below June 2006.

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