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We stacked up a few Farm Progress PANELS in the last couple of weeks on a range of topics from planting, to spraying, to buying. Interesting results

Willie Vogt

May 26, 2021

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CAPTION: Planting progress was just one topic we asked in recent Farm Progress PANEL questions. We've rounded up coverage from three recent posts.Willie Vogt

The Farm Progress PANEL is a regular feature that farmers can take part in simply by registering using your phone (instructions are at the end of this story). This time out, we've compiled the results from four recent panels into a single report. From planting progress to buying intentions, the range of answers is interesting.

First up, on May 7 we texted PANEL members and asked the following: Just how is corn and soybean planting going in 2021? Of course that was a couple weeks ago, but the responses were interesting. More than 40% reported being 75% to 100% finished with the chore.

Just under one-quarter responded they were more than half through planting. And a little more than one-third reported being early half eon – though just over 20% of all respondents classed themselves in the 10 to 20% finished range. We're hopeful in the subsequent weeks they did some catching up.

Panel-052521-planting copy.jpg

The second panel asked a question that may be the new do-it-yourself question for farmers. The question? How much of your in-season spraying do you do yourself? More than 60% responded they do 100% of their own spraying.

On the other end of the spectrum 28% told us they all their spraying is done by custom applicators. The other 11% are somewhere in between the 100% and 0% mark. But that's a big change, just a few years ago the idea of farmers owning sprayers large enough to get the job done themselves would have surprised some. Yet it makes sense, having your own spray equipment provides control of an important in-season practice.

Panel-052521-spraying copy.jpg

The final panel we asked looked at buying intentions given rising crop prices. We asked: Prices are looking good, if you're in the market for new equipment, what would you replace first in 2021? And perhaps we knew that the No. 1 answer would be tractors with just over one-third making that choice. Combines and sprayers came in even at 16% each. Grain carts earned an 8% response. And livestock equipment rounded out the responses with 23%. We'll probably ask this question again in a few weeks to see if the ratios change.

Panel-052521-buying copy.jpg

Thanks to everyone who responded to these PANEL questions.

Be a part of the PANEL

The Farm Progress PANEL is your chance to share your thoughts on key issues. To take part, start by signing up for our daily mobile text service Farm Progress NOW. Just text FARM to 20505, then respond to the text you get back. Later in one of our daily texts we'll provide information about how to sign up for the PANEL. And thanks to the respondents for helping us out.

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Willie Vogt has been covering agricultural technology for more than 40 years, with most of that time as editorial director for Farm Progress. He is passionate about helping farmers better understand how technology can help them succeed, when appropriately applied.

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