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Monsanto ends Golden Harvest licenses

Monsanto has exercised its contractual right to end all agreements with Golden Harvest for Monsanto technology products. As a result, Golden Harvest will be able to provide Roundup Ready corn, Roundup Ready soybeans, YieldGard Corn Borer, YieldGard Rootworm, YieldGard Plus, and stacked combinations of these products for 2005 only. The action came on the heels of Syngenta's acquisition of the Waterloo, NE, seed company.

Will Monsanto do the same with Garst Seed when Syngenta's acquisition of the company is complete? Monsanto declined to comment until the proposed sale is final.

Monsanto cleared by Justice Department

The U.S. Department of Justice has cleared Monsanto of possible anticompetitive conduct in the glyphosate-based herbicide industry. The Justice Department began its inquiry in March 2003, and Monsanto had cooperated fully with the department since that time. The inquiry was closed with no actions required by Monsanto.

Appraisals aid insurance claims

Tornadoes, floods and fires destroy farm assets every year. The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) suggests farmers seek a professional appraisal to document what they own and the value of it. Memories and photos of objects may not be enough to satisfy insurance companies when making a claim. ASA offers the following advice for obtaining an independent and credible appraisal:

  • Hire an independent appraiser with no stake in the outcome of the valuation. As long as the appraiser has no interest in buying or selling your property, you can avoid any conflict of interest.

  • Allow four to six weeks to complete a professional appraisal. Appraisers cannot provide an accurate valuation just by looking at something. Accurate appraisals involve an initial inspection visit followed by extensive outside research.

  • Look for an appraiser accredited by ASA. These appraisers receive their accreditation only after testing, training and peer review.

To find an ASA-accredited appraiser, visit or call 800/272-8258.

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