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tubing for in-floor heating
INSTALL TUBING: These insulated panels are designed so you can walk in the tubing for in-floor heating systems in new installations.
Insulated panels make installation easier and provide more uniform heat throughout the floor.

One challenge everyone faces when building a new shop is how to heat it. A popular option is in-floor, hot-water heating. A network of small tubes goes down before the concrete floor is poured, and typically connects to a boiler that provides the heat. While some seek other options due to cost, those who choose this claim they get efficiency plus a warm area to work.

If you’ve seen the tubing being installed, you know half the battle is placing it properly. Amvic Building System offers a product to make installation easier, while providing insulation around the tubing in the process. While not a new product, it’s one worth checking out if you’re serious about installing in-floor heat.

Called insulated radiant Pex panels, the design forms a pattern that makes it easy to lay down tubing over the top and push it into place. In fact, spokespeople for Amvic say the best plan is to walk it into place. It’s a time- and labor-saving option, and once in place, the tubing will stay put.

The secret, company officials note, is for the tubing to lie slightly above the bottom of the panel, wedged in between the round pegs of the design. That allows concrete to flow around the tubing, leaving it fully encased in concrete. That’s an important feature because it allows for more even heat distribution. You won’t wind up with hot or cold spots in your floor once the concrete is poured and the system is working, spokespeople explain.

The panel shown has an R10 insulation value. Other R-value panels are available. For all the specs and information about cost, call Amvic at 877-470-9991 or visit 

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