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You Can't Get that at IHOP

One Dad's pursuit of Saturday morning time with his girl.

Every once in awhile, you see something that makes you stop and say, "Now that is just really cool."

Like this. It's a pancake.

And this.

And this!

The little girl in her jammies is our sweet friend, Aubrey. The pancakes are purely a creation of her dad, Steve. He got the idea for "Saturday Morning Pancakes" online, but pretty much went to town on his own after that, using clip-art for inspiration and whipping up pancakes with food coloring and chocolate sauce, and squeeze bottles. And he even cleans up after himself! (mostly)

Check this out. Burger and fries! And pancake ketchup. Or ketchup pancake? I'm not sure.

And Halloween pancakes.

And what Thanksgiving is complete without a turkey pancake?

And this. The smile. It's too much.

You know this is an awesome memory in the making. Steve is the son of our beloved and late pastor, Al Somers, who, if I've understood correctly, was always doing stuff like this with his own kids. I feel confident, were he still here, he'd be whipping up pancakes with them on Saturday mornings, too. Blue Ford Mustangs, for sure.

Our hat's off to Steve. This is impressive, though perhaps setting the bar a titch too high for Aubrey's future husband. The morning is sure to come when he makes a plain old round pancake and she'll remember the pancakes her dad made. Still, totally worth it. Because when she thinks about the pancakes, it's the time they spent together she'll remember.

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