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You Already Have What Most Want

Cows, horses and sheep stretch over and through fence wires trying to snatch greener grass just beyond their reach. Humans do the same – figuratively speaking. And sometimes, they, too, get zapped or caught in that proverbial fence.

Farmers, particularly younger ones, often salivate for what they see on the urban side of the fence – new pickups, fancier homes, extended vacations, regular paychecks and less work. It’s part of our lesser human nature to see only the bright side of what others have – and not what we have!

In one respect, this fancy for a fancier life puzzles to me. I’d rather be back on the farm, so my family could enjoy farming’s many “perks”. So I urge you to walk through this test, of sort, to take advantage of what you already have.

Why? Because sensory perceptions have a calming, healing effect.

Try these sensory healers

  • A routine sunrise meditation: Make a habit of sinking into a comfortable chair or porch rocker with a cup of coffee or tea, maybe one dedicated morning a week. Watch that new day unfold – the early sunrise and the constant changing sky and leaf colors.
  • Listen to the awakening birds and the breeze rustling through trees: Remember, many of those trees are at least 75 to 100 years your senior, and they’ve weathered far more than you have. Yet, you have a caretaker role in all this creation. And, something far bigger sets the millennial pace.
  • A barefoot stroll: Taking an early morning walk in dew-ladened grass is likely to stir memories of earlier, simpler times. Forgo “footing it” through alfalfa, though, unless you still have calloused, leathery soles. Stubble hidden beneath that lush green will poke your consciousness.
  • Go for the mud: Well-heeled urbanites pay $50 to $100 for the medicinal ooze pasted on their faces. Why bother with that when that mud-between-your-toes sensation is just as cooling and soothing. And it’s free on the farm.
  • Slowly drive or walk out through your fields at sundown: Take in the scents brought on the breeze. Note the slightly acrid night scent of corn leaves drying, portending of plants readying for harvest and trees anticipating winter.
  • Quietly walk your fields: Just thinking back about how the finely ground dirt road out through our farm fields felt on my feet, and my many solitary walks over our family farm is restorative – still!

Remember, you are a small, but vital part of this earth’s complex biological system. It’s given to you to oversee and manage. And you, too, are changing, preparing for your own coming season, and the creation’s passage to the next caretaker.

Haven’t done these things since you were a kid? Maybe that’s part of your problem.

Sure, I’ve ‘”romanticized” these moments a bit. But it’s in romance that we find lightness of spirit and heart – healers of the soul. Make a habit of doing these things, and your outlook will look up!

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