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Wrapping up a Big Show

Agritechnica sees more visitors, and more from outside Germany.

Agritechnica wrapped up Saturday and the DLG Team, along with VDMA, were happy with the results. Of the 2900 exhibitors on hand 52% were from outside Germany. In fact there were 47 countries represented on the exhibit stand.

Reinhard Grandke, DLG, called Agritechnica a "workshop for the future" and there was plenty of hot new tech on hand. The challenge I had in viewing all of that was the proliferation of all those monitors. I'm not a big fan of the "mission control" look in a tractor cab, yet the number of display companies at the show was nearly off the hook.

The key is that farmers will be able to link their machines and sensors up through a single monitor if the provider has made them ISO compliant. And many of the companies I talked with are working in that direction.

Another observation is the number of on-the-go nitrogen sensors being shown. Or rather, the number of companies that are linking to on-the-go, real-time sensing to enhance the precision of their spreaders and sprayers. It's a technology in its fledgling stages in the United States, but I'll tell you now that Europe is embracing the plant green-ness tech whole-heartedly.

I also found a growing number of "networked farm" approaches at the show. The idea of linking your equipment and sharing data over some kind of subscription cloud service is catching on over here very quickly. When asked about data privacy, one supplier said that farmers see the value of having the information instantly available for use by consultants and agronomists that work with their farms.

If you're worried about data ownership, making sure the value proposition is in your favor might be a solid approach too.

As DLG, the organizers of Agritechica, wound up the show with a summary press conference, they note that 338,000 visitors came from throughout Germany. While this is a giant show, 75% of attendees are essentially local. However, the number of global visitors is up to 112,000 this year and that's a new peak in attendance figures for global visitors. The countries with the most visitors to Agritechnica include: Switzerland, over 11,500; Netherlands, 10,000; Austria, 8,700; France, 7,500; Ireland, 5,800; Denmark, 5,200; the United Kingdom, 5,000; Belgium, 4,500, Finland, 4,300; and Italy with 3,700.

It's a big show, and the next is scheduled in November 2015. You have time to make plans to attend.

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