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Story Worth A Chuckle Just In Time For Christmas

Story Worth A Chuckle Just In Time For Christmas
You don't need to climb your roof to wave to passing cars!

This Christmas season, most folks are in need of some laughter and joke-telling. It's been a long year with a drought and an economy that is still sputtering, and dire predictions ahead. The reason for the season should help you get through the tough spots. That's enough by itself, but just for kicks, here's a funny story to get you into the Christmas spirit.

The story is true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. No, it didn't happen to me or even to any of my neighbors – not this time – but it did happen in Indiana. We can nail it down that far!

Putting up Christmas decor may be more hazardous than you think!

Seems as if a couple seasons back about this time of year a person that works in the ag industry was headed home, and wasn't in a very good mood. It had been one of those Mondays. That's often where these tales that aren't funny at the time, but which sound hilarious later, begin. I ought to know. They usually happen to me. 

Arriving home with some time to spare before his wife arrived home, he decided he would finish the outdoor Christmas decorating. It was a bit chilly, but he needed something to do to take his mind off the day. His task was to place Santa and his sleigh on the little stoop roof above their front porch. That meant climbing up a ladder onto the main roof, and putting Santa in place. Once up there, the only way down was back down the ladder.

So he set up his ladder just as he always had, climbed up and put Santa in place. The only thing different from years past was that gutter covers had been installed earlier in the year so leaves wouldn't accumulate and clog the down spouts, and he wouldn't have to climb the ladder to get the leaves out. 

With Santa in place he was read to climb down. He looked and didn't see the ladder- panic! Surely he was just seeing things. It was nearly dark by now and his vision wasn't the best. The ladder was surely still there.

So he scooted to the edge of the roof. Then his worst fears were realized. The ladder wasn't there! It was lying flat on the ground, some 15 feet below. Oh, I forgot, it's a two-story house.  Apparently, the ladder usually stayed in place because it caught on the roof guttering. With new gutter caps installed, it didn't catch, and a little bit of wind took it down.

This highly intelligent individual pondered what to do. He went to the front of the roof by Santa and started waving at cars. It wasn't a one-handed wave – it was a two-armed cross-over, help-me wave. He lives in the country, but a few cars whizzed by. He didn't have his cell phone, his wife wouldn't be home for a while yet, and it was getting dark and colder. Never do something halfway dangerous when you're mad! 

Finally a little neighbor girl came out down the road just a bit with her dog. Our friend yelled at her. She seemed afraid. Like a stranger stranded on a roof could cause her harm! He yelled for her to tell her mother to come out. In a little bit the girl disappeared inside the house, but no mother reappeared.

So our friend kept waving. Finally, after at least a half hour on the roof, a car slowed down as it went past his house, then backed up. A man got out and yelled up, "I don't suppose you're up there waving just because you want to be friendly, are you?" he asked.

"No, not really," our friend answered. "My ladder fell and I'm stuck up here. Can you set it up for me?"

He obliged and our friend scampered down, teeth chattering. He thanked the man, and went in for some hot chocolate. Word is he still puts those decorations on the porch roof, but only in the middle of the day, and only when his wife is around to watch the ladder.

Now how can you not at least chuckle after that story? Merry Christmas, three weeks early!

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