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The Word of the Day: Podcast

Oh, it's been a day. Highlight: recording a farmwife podcast and not falling down the stairs (today). Look for the podcast soon!

It's a banner day on the Spangler Farm. Harvest is ticking along. Fall is in the air.

Guess how I spent my day:

  • a) Recording a podcast
  • b) Presiding over an ag editors conference call
  • c) Hobbling
  • d) All of the above

If you chose d) All of the above, you are correct! You win! And there's no prize. So sorry. But, I'm hobbling.

That is the unfortunate result of falling down stairs when you're 37. And of course, I chose to do this not in the privacy of my own home, by myself, where no one would see me. Noooo, no. Why do that when you can fall down the stairs at your child's tumbling practice, where you can potentially take out a small child and maybe a random father, on your way down? And when you can do it on "watch night," with lots of parents, grandparents and siblings there to see you do it. Go big or go home. That's what I always say.

The word we're looking for here is mortification. Also, pain. And if I have dropped anything on the floor all day today, it has just had to stay there. Because I have children who can pick that up for me.

At any rate, life goes on and referring back to a) Recording a podcast, let me just say this:

You guys! We recorded a podcast!

Seriously, the high point of my day, post-Motrin, was spending the morning with DeAnna Thomas and Emily Webel and Emily's homemade granola. DeAnna, as some of you may well know, was a farm broadcaster in the Peoria market until she left this summer for a job with regular hours. DeAnna would, occasionally, have Emily (farmwife blogger extraordinaire) and me on her show to talk about the farm, ag issues, consumers and assorted random stuff. It was a good time and we missed our conversations, quite frankly. Then I had this little idea: I have before mentioned my love for the hilarious Big Mama blog. Occasionally, she'll do a podcast with another blogger friend and they are, again, hilarious.

So it occurred to me: we can totally do this! And so we did. We talked about harvest survival, rural communities, food in the field, minivans and endorsements (that's right, each of us shared our favorite product/thing). And it's coming to you, not exactly live, but after DeAnna works her broadcasting expertise on it. Because she is the technological genius in the group.

Three farmwives, escaped from the farm and lunchboxes and small children (mostly), having a conversation where we got to finish all our sentences, as if we were real grown-ups. It was pretty awesome. Look for it later this week!

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