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Telling Your Story

A Wise Use of 15 Daily Minutes

New Year’s Resolution: Sharing your story

What tops your list for New Year’s Resolutions for your farm? Reviewing your estate plan? Upgrading part of your equipment line?

How about committing to spending 15 minutes per day advocating for the way that you farm or learning about what concerns consumers about modern agriculture?

We are all busy people, but we each likely have 15 minutes per day that could be spent more productively.

Here are four ways to keep this New Year’s Resolution:

1. Learn a new social media tool such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Consider starting a blog to connect others to your farm. Social media is a good way to reach a larger audience at one time. Most likely your initial connections will be with people you already know, but over time, your reach will include others whom you’ve never met. 

2. If your preference is one-on-one communication, be intentional about conversing with others. Listen with a new ear to other people’s talk around you. Most of the concerns won’t come in specific questions to you. More likely, it will be an off-hand comment about a farming technique and how that impacts the food we eat. When this subject comes up, have a conversation with that individual about why they believe about this farming technique and how they understand it to impact them.

3. Read up on what the issues are so you can address those issues when you hear someone express concern about an agriculture practice. Some of the most common issues were addressed recently here and here. So when you’re in the conversation described in the previous paragraph, you’ve educated yourself on the issues around this farming technique, and can address their concerns.

4. Find a few other agriculture bloggers who help you understand what’s going on. You will learn how others share about their own farm and how they talk about issues that others might have about modern agriculture.

Consider making one of your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions to dedicate 15 minutes per day to advocate for your farm. If we all do this it can make a huge impact on relationships with our customers.

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