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Animal Health Notebook

Why die from a heart attack?

You are what you eat, and the picture isn't too bright.

Raise your hand high if you would choose to die from a heart attack. I’ll bet that I am not getting many takers now am I? Yet over 50% of our friends, family, and acquaintances will die from cardiovascular disease unless they make major changes in their eating habits and lifestyle.

Death is 100%. We are all going to make a permanent departure from the ranch. Presently cardiovascular pathology (atherosclerosis) accounts for over 50%. Cancer gets another big percentage and is growing at an alarming rate. Obesity is the number one epidemic in America. All of the above have a common denominator, poor nutrition.

Prior to the turn of the 20th century, the leading causes of death today along with most other of our present day diseases were nearly unheard of and usually afflicted only physicians and politicians.

The fast movement and change in our agricultural and food systems in North America has quickly resulted in our nation being the most fed, least nourished, and most unhealthy, civilized society on the planet. Health care cost in the U.S. proves my point.

The near elimination of heart and cardiovascular disease tomorrow would add 10 years on Americans life expectancy and trim almost $10,000 off the annual healthcare expense to the average American family. As we have found the cause of these “new disease” problems, the cure (actually prevention and cure) is rather simple. Actually the cure is very likely too simple and too cheap.

Modern diseases and premature aging are the result of a major nutrition and diet shift away from leaves and animals that eat mostly leaves to mature seeds and animals that eat mostly mature seeds for long periods. Seed oils, especially man-made fat (hydrogenated or Trans fats) have replaced the vast majority of animal fat in the diet. Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and over processing have added more fuel to the fire of early old age and death. Loss of soil health, many production practices, and plant cultivars have resulted in loss of nutrient density.

The answer is to balance the human ration (diet). Eat beef daily that was harvested from a diverse pasture of mostly green leaves. Eat highly dense vegetables that were grown locally on well mineralized soil and that have a lot of fiber. Do not peel or overcook. Eat a little fruit, the whole fruit not just the juice. The fat in beef, “invisible fat”, is sorely lacking in most diets. It is anti-inflammatory fat that is life giving.

Back way up on most anything that you can leave in your mouth for 15 seconds and taste a lot of sweet. Stay away from anything artificial.

Get off of margarine, seed oils, and sugars. Shop in the outer edges of the store and stay out of the inside aisles. Remember the three conventional American square meals daily will make you fat and get you dead.

Take fish oil daily along with a few vitamins and mineral supplements.

We all need to realize that our health is our responsibility. We can assume the task of taking care of our health or wish we had later. Everyone gets interested when they get sick.

R.P. Cooke, DVM

Sparta, TN

**Doc can be reached at 931-761-5001 or email 499 [email protected]

He does offer economical telephone consultation service and small group intensive half day outside conferences on multiple ranch and pasture sites. Low input soil building, cattle production and health, and plant energy are his emphasis.

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