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What Happened to Last Week?

Oh, right. It was fair week.

I'm feeling a little bad for not having posted a blog in week. But I have a good defense: it was fair week. Which for many of you, really doesn't need any further explanation. The funny part is, my kids aren't even in 4-H yet.

But we seem to find plenty to do. 

The first step was getting my oldest two ready for the talent show. And yes, I made that rooster costume, and yes, it now looks like something has molted in my house. I'll be vacuuming up feathers from now till the next fair. They did awesome, though. They were cool as cucumbers backstage before hand. John asked Nathan to practice his rooster dance one last time. Nathan told him, "No. I'm saving it. For da stage." He totally did.

Check Out the Performance Video.

If you have a minute and want to check out the video, here 'tis. Disclaimer: you may need to turn down your computer volume. They were NOT afraid of the microphones. At. All.

They wound up the night in second place. Check out the serious argument in this photo. We were this close to a knock-down-drag-out on stage over who would get to hold the trophy. Jenna was ticked, but she concealed it well. We've since negotiated a custody arrangement; one week in Jenna's room, one week in Nathan's.

And second, as it turns out, is not all bad because now we don't have to go to the state talent show in January, and they can compete at the county fair again; if they'd won, they couldn't ever compete again as a duet. And that would be a bummer. And, we don't have to keep hearing "doodle, doodle, doodle..." over and over again until January. Whew.


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