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Wedding Photos? On the Bin, of Course

When our nephew got married a couple weekends ago, it was a natural fit to grab a few shots on the grain bin. And the tractor.

A week or so ago, we were riding high on the after-glow of our nephew's wedding. Matt and Haley Spangler are now a ripe old married couple of 10 days, give or take, and we're all still pretty excited about the whole thing. Four-year-old Caroline, in fact, cannot stop talking about weddings. She has made many a craft project in the past few days that "had to get done for the wedding." So earnest.

Because Matt has worked for us on the farm since his early junior high days, and because he appreciates all things farm and agricultural, we decided to run up the road to our grain storage site for the guy photographs. For the record, I am not a wedding photographer, but Matt and Haley decided I would do in a pinch. And with my husband standing in as Official Photography Assistant – which is to say, he was the taskmaster who peppered the day with phrases like, "Ok, that's enough. Next." – things moved right along.

So here, a few of the more agricultural photos we shot that day, in slide show format. Click "pause" if you'd like to linger for a better look.

And since we're talking farms and weddings, I'd love to see your agricultural wedding photos. Maybe you took some photos in the corn field or escaping on a tractor. Or a combine. Or a manure spreader (hey, we've seen it done). Send me your photos and I'll share them here on an upcoming blog. Because who doesn't love a good farm wedding?  

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