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Using Facebook to Build Momentum

Equipment maker turns to a new approach with social media to promote a new model. Can you really have a relationship with a combine?

Sex: Mail
Born: Jan. 1, 1923
Looking For: A relationship
Current City: Hesston, Kan.

Sounds like a want ad for a personal service, short of the "likes to take long walks." In fact, this "guy" likes to clean grain and that description is on Facebook - check out to learn more. That location is where you can find out about a potential new friend - Agco's Gleaner Super Seven combine, which is making its way up the harvest trail (last check it was near Enid, Okla.) for 2010.

It's all part of a new way to push interest for a new product and using Facebook is something a lot of us in the ag world are constantly fine-tuning. For SuperSeven, that's his nickname - we're close (not really) - it's about meeting friends and influencing buyers.

And it's all a lot of fun too. This combine, outfitted in black stealth colors as you can see below, is garnering growing interest as it moves north. Right now about 219 folks have become friends of SuperSeven, including a few media colleagues whose names (and faces) I recognize. Yet as this campaign starts "rolling" expect that number to rise. Can Agco get to the magic 5,000 limit of friends? It would be fun to see if they can.

Meanwhile, ol' SuperSeven is a little tight-lipped about his particulars. From the photos on the site - and I recommend you check it out (you don't have to be a friend to see many of the images) there's a pretty good size flex head in action here. That flex head was introduced last year at the major farm shows.

SuperSeven, in its final Gleaner silver paint may be gracing an exhibit stand or two this fall. We'll keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, check out the Facebook page and get a look at the pictures being posted there. And if you're already on Facebook, ask to be a friend, my guess is that SuperSeven will be happy to accept.

SuperSeven in stealth trim.

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