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Beefs and Beliefs

U.N. Says Cut World Meat and Milk Production

More flawed edicts flow from the international morality police

In addition to the U.S. government's long-standing efforts to sink our nation's animal industries through faulty nutritional advice, it appears we have the indubitable wisdom of the United Nations to fight.

In a June report from that agency's International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management, the agency I've come to think of as the international thought and morality police said the world should cut production of meat and milk. This will "dramatically reduce pressure on the environment," the agency says.

Of course, this deficit in protein and essential fats would be replaced with grain and vegetarian foodstuffs.

Not only is this more bad nutritional advice, it ignores the tremendous gains we've made in knowledge about grazing to actually improve the land - knowledge which can be applied successfully around the world with traditional technologies like herding. It's also knowledge which appears to mimic nature's methods and therefore to have lasting success.

In the meantime, the only gains I figure we've made in stopping soil loss and degradation from farming grains and vegetables is to slow it with no-till or extremely limited-till farming. These have been great technologies, but long term they still appear suspect to failure. If you disagree, recall that glyphosate was once a wonder herbicide that would kill nearly anything. Today, it still works well but increasing numbers of plants are becoming resistant.

To defend my point about animal production, of course, we need to address the issue whether animals can be raised without grains - which they mostly are in the undeveloped world.

Ultimately, ignorance rules.

Sometimes I don't think there's enough logic or common sense left in the world for we humans to turn ourselves around.

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