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'Twas The Week of Christmas, and All Through the Farm, Part Two

'Twas The Week of Christmas, and All Through the Farm, Part Two
Here's the rest of the story on the take-off of the classic Christmas story.

With all due credits to the original authors of The Night Before Christmas, at least some of you apparently enjoyed my take on a farm version of the tale we began last week. As we zero in on and enjoy the Christmas season, here's the conclusion of my version of the tale.

As you may recall, the raccoons were tearing through my feed sacks in the sheep barn during the lonely night hours. An opossum was serving as decoy, keeping the dog barking. I got up, then fell back to sleep.

"There arose in the barnyard such a clatter, that I woke up one more time,

And although it doesn't really rhyme, I grabbed a flashlight to check outside.

Here's the rest of the story on the take-off of the classic Christmas story.

Momma wasn't wearing a kerchief, just pajamas, but she nudged me because when the dog barks, she thinks the sheep are out

And sometimes they are scurrying about

Mainly when I forget to put the chain over the gate.

But by now it was so late,

and the noise subsided, so I dropped in my chair

And decided to hibernate like a bear.

Actually, I'm hooked on Hallmark Christmas movies, so I flipped on the TV to see what

might by playing at 4 a.m. on Christmas morn.

Before I knew it I heard a horn – actually it was a cellphone

My daughter with wee little ones was ready to come

The little ones couldn't wait to see if Santa Claus had come

(That didn't rhyme , did it?)

So I told them to come ahead and I shut off the TV – I'd seen the movie five times already anyway

And I headed out to feed the sheep.

They were sleeping without a peep, but as soon as I turned on the lights, they came in for feed,'

And there was a big fat raccoon who paid me no heed.

He continued enjoying his Christmas brunch,

And I had this hunch

You know, a pretty sure thought, that this was going to be another long winter fighting the creatures.

Now this little diddy probably wouldn't rate as a feature.

But on Christmas morn even the raccoon is God's creature.

So just like Snoopy the war pilot dog and the Red Baron in the spoof song of old, since it was Christmas day, I fed the sheep hay,

And let the raccoon wander off,

We would fight another day.

He's not safe- I'll find another way.

But Christmas morning didn't seem like the time to go after him.

Instead the children arrived, visions of present sand chocolate dancing in their heads,

And long over my disturbed winter's nap, I joined the family for prayer

And a morning of fun around the Christmas tree.

Well, that's it. The raccoon got a reprieve- for a special day. May you and yours enjoy Christmas and the entire holiday season. See you next week as we count down to New Year's Eve.

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