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That's What's in the Bag

We have a winner!


Elaine Stone hit the nail on the head:

"This is part of Nathan's "Bushel and a Peck" attire from the
Fulton County Fair Talent Show 2010! ??"

Right-o, Elaine! Congratulations!

Elaine commented yesterday in our little contest, correctly identifying the bag of goods that's been sitting in my mudroom for 2.5 months. She did not, however, have a good explanation for why it was there so long. But she still wins the Prairie Farmer hat!

My only explanation is not a great one. After the fair was over, the kids did a “Bushel and a Peck” revival as part of the Spoon River Rascals “Kids on Broadway” show at the Ellisville Opera House in early October. (Nathan also sang “Gawwy, Indiana.” I die.) In the course of the first weekend of shows, he and I changed him in and out of the rooster costume, rapid-fire-like, five times. Then we did it again twice more the next weekend. It was hot, dirty, and frankly, the rooster wasn’t holding up all that well. Neither was the costume. So by the time we got home, neither one of us wanted to look at, think about or deal with that bag of feathers.

Fast forward 2.5 months, and it was time to deal with it. So now, the entire costume is washed and stowed away for the next time someone wants to be a white-feathered somethinaruther. Which I hope is quite some time from now.

And in other news, today is the last day of the year! I'll fill you in next week about what went down at our house this weekend. For now, I’ll just say it will involve many teenagers and very little sleep. Frankly, I just hope we survive. With that, may 2011 be beautiful, bountiful and may the coming year exceed your expectations!

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