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Thanks Corn Growers for the learning experience

Thanks Corn Growers for the learning experience

After turning in his leadership badge, the Reskovacs reflect on experiences and what they learned at Pennsylvania’s Corn and Soybean Congress.

Sheilah: “We went out [to the Corn and Soybean Congress] the day before. Since we were only a stone’s throw away from Hershey, we had to stop at Chocolate World.”

Mike: “I’m used to stopping and picking up parts, so I wasn’t going to make a fuss about stopping to pick up some goodies. I’d never been there, and was amazed by all the different candies they had for sale. We spent an hour or so just relaxing. We even split an ice cream sundae.”

GETTING READY TO ROLL: Now, this couple can totally focus planting season. Mike says, “It’ll be here before I know it.” (Stock photo: Not the Reskovacs’ machines)

Sheilah: “Mike got up early the next morning and set up the Corn Growers Association display. He even got to start the meeting off with a welcoming address. After looking over the agenda, two presentations really caught my eye. The first was marketing.”

Mike: “Right away, I got Sheilah’s ‘Are you paying attention nudge?’. This is something we’ve been trying to improve on. I’m the one who’s usually slow at making the call to contract our crops.”

Sheilah: “Mike has gotten a lot better. The marketing plan we put together last year worked for our corn crop. But we didn’t contract enough soybeans ahead of time. I took a few notes, and asked Mike if he did the same.”

Mike: “At lunch, I got to help pass out the 5-acre Corn Club awards. I’ve always been impressed with the farmers who, it seems time and time again, take home those plaques. They’re really on top of their game. Someday, I hope to be on the receiving end of those awards.”

Sheilah: “One afternoon speaker talked about how we farmers need to approach consumers on the GMO topic – listen, ask questions then tell our side. This is something Mike and I try to do in our discussions with our nonfarm friends. It was a really great presentation – definitely a hot topic.”

Mike: “This trip out was a little bittersweet for me. My Corn Grower’s board term came to an end. I got to spend the last six years with great people speaking out and standing up for the industry we’re part of. I never expected to do any of that, and am grateful for the experience and the opportunity.

The Reskovacs farm near Uniontown, Pa.

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