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Ten Reasons I Like This Indiana Winter

Am I being tongue-in-cheek? You decide!

Just the thought of 90 degree plus days when I have to be outside working makes me break out in a sweat even now. I don't just not like hot days- I loathe them, hate them, detest them- OK, so maybe I could use anger management training. I physically and emotionally can't stand super-hot days.

So I promised I wouldn't complain about the winter. Of course I didn't know it was going to be this cold and this snowy for this long. But I still haven't complained, not really. If someone says, "Oh man, isn't it freezing?" I'll say 'yes.' Technically, it is freezing. Whether I'm freezing inside or just cooling off from last summer is another matter.

I figured we were in for a doozey when the state climatologist and the National Weather Service posted opposite forecasts last fall. I called up the state boys, seeing if they wanted to change their mind. Nope, they said, this time they just thought they were right. So far, they're one up on the big boys.

Anyway, I can come up with my Top Ten list of why I like winter, particularly this winter, with its snow and cold, after nearly 40 days of 90 degree plus heat last summer. That's torture in my book. I literally did get too hot, and was laid up for a couple days. So if you think I'm kidding about liking this winter, well, you might want to think again.

Reasons I like this winter

#10- I don't have to wipe the sweat out of my eyes every couple minutes so I can see- My glasses may frost up once in a while, but I'll take that over blurry, stinging eyes due to sweat dripping into them all morning long.

#9- I don't have to spray for flies, or hang up gooey fly strips- Talk about yuck! And the hotter the day, the more I hate those filthy, buzzing flies zipping around the hog barn.

#8- No mud to slog through- Yes, there's snow, but I'll trudge through four or five inches of snow any day compared to wading through mud at the barn.

#7- Fewer shots to give- As long as it stays even keel cold just under freezing, the sheep and cattle stay pretty healthy. I lost a nice ewe to pneumonia in late August, coming off one of those super hot days and into a couple of cool nights. Forget that!

#6- Less bedding to do- As long as it's cold and things stay dry, I don't have to use as much straw. Straw costs money. And it means work. But when I do have to do it, at least I don't sweat to death moving a few bales around.

#5- No fans to work on- We run about a dozen window-size fans non-stop last summer at the barn. It seemed like one was conking out almost daily. I got tired of unwiring fans, getting a new one, and wiring them back up.

#4- I don't look out of place wearing pants.- Personal preference- I hate wearing shorts. I look out of place in the summer at many events when everybody else is wearing shorts. In the winter, hey, we're all equal.

#3- Shorter conversations with the neighbors- Hey, who wants to stand around talking when it's 20 degrees? Not that I'm anti-social or anything, but I've usually got some place to be, something to do.

#2- My kids have to wear shoes and boots, not sandals and flip-flops- Personal preference again- It's bad enough when the girls wear thin pieces of plastic on their feet. But when boys wear sandals…well, I'm from a different generation.

#1- No sunburn! ­ My skin gets beet red after an hour in the hot summer sun,. Hey, I haven't even got chapped lips this winter. And no one is asking me why my face is red, because it isn't. Besides, they're all too busy complaining about it being cold. Me, I'm just all cool and fuzzy inside- this is my time!

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