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Take Time For Amens and Amends

End your 2010 with a positive step into 2011

 As I write this, we're still being barraged by year-end advertisements aimed at parting us with hard-earned dollars. No, I'm not a "Scrooge". I just can't wait until we get a well-deserved break from it.

The advertising world seems to think a lot of us can wrap up a new Jaguar for our special loved ones. Imagine that! I can't.

Where I come from, a new tractor would generate far more excitement. Depending on the model, it might not cost quite as much. And you'd get far more work from that $50,000 to $75,000. I mean, who'd hook a log chain to the tail of a Jaguar? Yes, that's my ground-in work ethic seeping through.

My point is that I cannot understate the importance of taking time to simply appreciate what you have – despite all that you might not have. Being thankful is good for your mental state and your soul.

Every single person living in America today should be appreciate the fact that they live in a time and place that most people of today's world and certainly those of past ages could only dream of. And for that, at least I say "Amen!" to our Creator who had a big hand in making it happen.

But there's another year-end action many of us can take to end it on a positive note and to start the new year right. It has to do with making amends with those we've had past disagreements with.

As tough as may be, making amends has more to do with healing your own soul than healing the person you've had a rift with. That's why it's important for you to at least make the first move, even if it's not positively received.

The saddest thing is to see, for instance, family members go to their graves without resolving old grudges. The most heart-warming thing is to see family members reunited and growing closer together with age.

Grow better, not bitter. Don't wait. Get it done! You'll be more than glad you did.

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