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Take Time to Appreciate the Good Things About Farming

Some still prefer a simpler time than today’s hectic pace.

I was standing in a soybean field waiting on Del Unger to make it to the end so I could ride the combine for a while. His dad, Howard, now retired and a former Master Farmer, pulled up in his pickup truck. He got out and we exchanged pleasantries. Then he looked around and said ‘Well, this is another beautiful day.”

And it truly was - fall was in the air and the sun was shining bright. The trees along the edge of the field were casting a few shadows that indicated days were getting shorter.

The truth in his words were that even though two combines were running in the field and helpers were hauling off soybeans in huge trucks, it was still important to take time to enjoy what God has made. Even now that he is a great grandfather; Howard is the kind of person that makes sure he is thankful for every day, especially when it’s a nice day.

Fall is my favorite time of year. Not every day is as nice as that one, but when you get one, what can be better than watching combines harvest reasonably good soybeans, especially after another somewhat challenging year, and seeing the fruits of a farmer’s labor flow into the truck.

Harvest happens quicker today. The two machines ran 40 acres in no time flat. But the same feeling of accomplishment that existed when he was combining with a Gleaner G or driving an Allis-Chalmers D-21 to get the job done still exists today. Farmers farm because they like to work with nature and raise crops. Nature doesn’t always cooperate. This year was the opposite of last year for the Ungers. Last year there was no rain. This year there was too much at times - 9 inches in 10 days, or was it 10 inches in 9 days in late June - you get the picture.

Despite all that they’re harvesting good yields and enjoying another harvest. There’s something about being in a bean field or corn field during harvest that just makes all the worry and work worth it. I can tell that and I don’t even farm any more. But I certainly don’t turn down a chance to climb up in a combine and ride along as someone else does it.

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