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Swine Flu Fallout Is Making Me Sick

Having the word “swine” and “sick” in the same headline is never a good thing.

Like the folks at the South Dakota Pork Producers Council, I'm sick -- but not with the flu.


We're sick from swine flu fallout. Hog prices were limit down part of the day.


And pork council officials were busy answering the question, “Is pork safe to eat?”


Of course pork is safe to eat. You can’t get the flu from food. You get it from other people. The connection to swine isn't as direct as most people think. The virus is a combination of those found in humans, birds and pigs.


But having the words “swine” and “sick” in the same headline is never a good thing. Pork sales are bound to be affected


There’s another danger, too.


Critics are using swine flu as cover from which to launch grenades at pork producers, especially those who more than just a few head in the backyard (even though this is where swine flu from the 70s and 90s came from)..


One blogger says the current outbreak can be traced with Smithfield Foods’ pig farms in Veracruz, Mexico. He reprinted paragraphs from local newspapers in which residents claimed that flu was bred by the all the flies buzzing over the manure lagoons -- lagoons that emitted the same odor that the blogger said he smelled while travel through Iowa where they raised hogs.


You see the connection? Big farms=odor=swine=swine flu?


I bet animal rights folks will be next to pile on.

Mad cow, swine flu .... what's next, chicken fever?

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