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The Sun Will Come Up Wednesday Morning

The Sun Will Come Up Wednesday Morning
No matter how the election goes, we're still Americans, still Hoosiers.

Some will be happy this week on Wednesday morning, others will be disappointed. Some may think the world is coming to an end. It's possible I might be one of them, except I've been down this road before. Things don't always go as I want either, but one thing has never disappointed me. No matter what happened I didn't like, or how embarrassing something was, the sun still came up the next morning. You may not be able to see it, if it proves to be cloudy, but somewhere – it will come up.

"No matter what happened I didn't like, or how embarrassing something was, the sun still came up the next morning."

We've been through tough elections before and survived. We'll survive this time too. There still will be a huge national debt when the sun comes up, and there will still be plenty of problems to solve right here in Indiana. Perhaps with the election behind us, although it's asking a lot, there may actually be some cooperative spirit to get things turned around and to right the ship again.

After all, we are Americans, and we are Hoosiers. The chance to choose leaders at all levels is not something we should take for granted. And when the sun rises Wednesday morning, yes, there will still be problems. But we still live in one of the most affluent countries in the world, by the world's standards.

I was reminded of that watching the TV show Amazing Race last weekend, when they filmed in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world. Even kids and older men shown as onlookers during the competition, all make-believe stuff for reality TV, showed signs of malnourishment. It was an odd sight – watching Americans with plenty compete for a huge monetary prize amidst people who have so little, with those who have no one cheering for them.

Hoosiers especially know how to solve problems. One thing is for sure in Indiana, there will be a new administration in the state capitol come January. And hats off to Mike Pence and John Gregg. As campaigns go, they kept the blows above the belt, spending more time and money touting their ideas and vision than the shortcomings of their opponent.

At the same time, the U.S. Senate race was one of the nastiest in Indiana history, or at least let's hope there hasn't been one worse than this. By the time it was over, the only thing clear was that one side, if not both, was stretching the truth into the lying stage, because what you heard in one commercial didn't add up with what the other side was saying, and vice-versa.

The sun will come up, and we will go on, one way or the other. We'll pull together and put the bickering behind us. If America and Indiana are to stay strong, this time we have no choice but to look for common ground.

Just remember, have your sunglasses handy on Wednesday morning, the day after the election.

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