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Sports injuries at its finest

Sports injuries at its finest

Taking a grounder with a bad hop to the face is no fun at all.

It's said that cats have 9 lives. And that the average person will have an average of 3-4 car accidents in their lifetime, and for athletes, well that number was just all over the board depending on sports, age and gender. Unfortunately, for those of you who know me growing up - this is nothing new.

Now enter me. I should be the poster child for the most accident prone athlete in any sport, at any age. I'm the one who gets injured just being a spectator. I feel like Mr. Glass in the movie Unbreakable.

Taking a grounder with a bad hop to the face is no fun at all.

Let's start counting, shall we? I have a scar on my left arm from when I was young, too young to remember what happened. I am just told that my siblings were playing with me outside on the farm where I shouldn't have been and I got cut. I should have gotten stitches.

I have a scar on my forehead after hitting a door jamb, again playing with siblings and having too much fun. I Had to get stiches. Neither one of these accidents were my fault.

Just before I was to turn 5 years old, I crash into my bike and ruptured my pancreas. (This one WAS my fault). That put me in the hospital with even a bigger scar across my stomach.

Then senior year of high school, I broke my foot tearing down the set after a drama club production of Anything Goes.

Six months later, I break that same foot, same spot country swing dancing. Apparently it never healed the first time around, so now I have a pin holding it in place.

Then comes my first car accident (although NOT my fault), an ER trip to remove my gall bladder (again, NOT my fault), a sprained MCL from skiing, a broken nose from volleyball, a popped hammy from sand volleyball, and now my latest and greatest…. a dislocated popped jaw playing in a coed softball league as I was trying to field a grounder at 2nd. The ball took a bad hop and smacked me right in the chin moving my jaw just enough out of place.

I figured out my New Year's Resolution for next year - to get through the year without any major injuries. It may be a tall order, coming from someone who gets paper cuts and doesn't remember handling any paper!

I am happy to report that after two weeks and a couple adjustments, your Farm Progress Daily editor is back to 100% - at least for now.

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