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Fodder for Thought

Social Media Brings Exceptional Career Opportunities

I sing the praises of my worldwide social media connections.


A couple months ago I first shared with you my thoughts on the value of a good mentor and now I'd like to expound on that a little more.

Many times seeking out individuals in your interest area who are the best at what they do can provide a learning experience worth more than any college education will ever provide.

Networking through social media channels has provided one way for me to connect with individuals like this. Most recently this ability to network has produced the opportunity for me to work and learn from one of the best of the best in my area of interest -- land and grazing management.

To show how this social media networking can really work, I will explain how my connection was formed:

A Twitter connection with an Aussie I have grown to consider a close friend resulted in a Skype call with a faculty member at Brigham Young University-Idaho who’s brother had founded an innovative business. His company offers services and educational training to ranchers, conservationists and agency representatives to track range health, create grazing and habitat plans, manage weeds, and implement profitable management strategies. That brother turned out to be Charley Orchard of Land EKG.

I am honored and excited, to say the least, at the amazing opportunity to work with someone of Orchard's caliber. His knowledge, experience and accomplishment in the area of land management and rangeland monitoring is exceptional.

Opportunities like this do not come along every day and many times it is up to us to do some foot work to make them happen. However, in the grand scheme of things it will pay multiple dividends, leaving us better for it.

I could write you a short novel on the benefits and successes that have come my way because of the wonderful invention of social media but I won’t. Instead I encourage you to use this powerful tool to your own advantage.

Research your interests. Find out who the key influencers and game changers are. Seek them out. Build relationships with them. Ask questions of them. Learn from them. In the end, I think you will realize these relationships will prove to be vital to your future success.

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