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Snow Day (But Not Here)

It's a balmy 7 degrees here in western Illinois this morning! Who needs Florida? Or California? Or sunshine? Oh, wait….


A string of random thoughts involving cold weather:

1.         As I write this, the temperature has soared to a balmy 7.3 degrees, which is only 4 degrees short of our expected high for the day. Lows last night and tonight expected at a big fat 0. My children did not understand how that was even possible.

2.         This is generally where my California friend Liz points out that it's 84 there and she's wearing shorts and flip flops. Because it's always nice to picture someone else enjoying the weather.

3.         I haven't talked to my husband yet since he left the house this morning, but I'm really hoping he hasn't encountered too many frozen waters/pumps/general problems. Especially since he wasn't feeling so great anyway. Boo for winter sickness.

4.         And the much-anticipated blizzard? We had maybe a couple inches to start with, but I think most of it has blown to Champaign. And now it's just cold. The quote of the day from one of my college friends: "It's only magical when it's enough to cancel school." Which means it wasn't very magical here. My kids are in school, though we thought we might get a too-cold-for-diesel-buses day. No dice.  

5.         Snow days stink when you're a farm kid. While everyone else is lounging  in the house playing video games, you're out feeding cows, chopping ice and defrosting waterers. And trying not to irritate your dad, who's pretty irritable already.

6.         Snickers happened to be at the back door when the kids ran out to the bus. The cold wind hit her in the face and she looked up at me, so confused. I think the cold was a distant memory in her little cat brain, something she only vaguely recognized after spending three weeks as a pampered house cat. She took off in the opposite direction. Probably better she doesn't think about it too much.

7.         Also, in case it's kept you up at night wondering, Snickers is mastering the litter box. Yay, Snickers!

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