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Slipping Away

Harvest is imminent on the Spangler farm, and so, too, is the growing list of things I haven't gotten done before harvest.

I feel it. Summer has slipped away. And not just because of the cooler temperatures this week – though that's helped tremendously.

The Farm Progress Show has come and gone, and it feels that so, too, has the lovely early fall: that blissful time before we head to the fields. And I know, many of you are combining away and perhaps have been for two or three weeks now. We, however, were blessed with 28+ inches of rain in May and June and we're just a titch behind the rest of the world. Our parked combine is making my husband antsy, but that's another story. We can't find anything under 27%. It's a good thing he's anti-Facebook and doesn't see all your harvest pictures and yield and moisture comments. It might push him over the edge.

(Ooohhh…believe it or not, outside my window and across our bean field, our neighbor just pulled his combine into his corn field. I could not make this up.)

And though I love harvest, it's a busy (and extended-busy) time like no other on the farm. Our routine will change, our meals will change, and I'll become a single parent for a couple months, responsible alone for getting three people under 7 fed, bathed and in bed on my own. I know I'm whining, but I'm not typically at my best by the end of the day, and neither are the kids and I really have to psych myself up for it. Yay, bath time! See? It's totally working.

I'll spend some days working here and others driving a semi, and will try hard not to notice the trainwreck my house becomes during that time. We'll haul meals to the field (or Casey's pizza!) and will negotiate buddy seat time among three little people. (There should be some sort of award for that. Like a Nobel or a Pulitzer or something.)

I can see the time gone, too, in my list of Things To Get Done Before Harvest, which doesn't have nearly enough marked off. Things like seeding the yard (frantically working on it), washing my windows (maybe a third done) and visiting a college friend and her new baby (not gonna happen till after harvest). This doesn't seem like much but believe me, it goes on much longer than that. You'd be bored to tears if I wrote out the whole thing.

I think what I need to do is embrace the moment. Scratch the urgent and think about the important. Forget about the clutter, enjoy the time with family. Sweep later. Wash windows later. Enjoy some cab time with my little people. Eat pizza on a tailgate. Take a few pictures.

Good stuff. I just have to keep telling myself that. Right?

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