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Shifting into farming's 'nesting' mode

Shifting into farming's 'nesting' mode

After the ducklings arrived, Mike couldn’t wait “to see what else lies ahead. Now this young farmer couple are in the “nesting mode”.

By Sheilah Reskovac

We got caught in another rainy spring here in western Pennsylvania. But the weather seems to be finally starting to cooperate – as if we could tell it what to do.

In late May, Mike was in the middle of a whirlwind with finishing the planting, making rye and hay, along with the everyday maintenance and repairs. As for me, I’m in a different kind of whirlwind.

In early July, we’ll be welcoming our first baby. To say we’re excited is an understatement. To say we’re nervous also would be an understatement.

FARM HELP ARRIVING: Mike and Sheilah expect their first-born farmer – a son – to arrive on or about July 10.

To say that I’m in full-blown nesting mode, well, that would be pretty accurate. Maybe one of the first nesting clues for Mike was when I wanted to bring home a bunch of ducklings late last summer. In September’s column, Mike said: “I can’t wait to see what else lies ahead of us!”

Looking ahead

Between baby showers, work and doctor appointments, I keep noticing things that have to be done. I’ve cleaned closets, dressers and cupboards. Then I rearranged them, only to rearrange them again. The garage has been cleaned. Every cloth and speck of material in our house that can be washed has been washed. Mike has made multiple trips to the Goodwill with items that I’ve decided we don’t need any longer. I bought new curtains and a new vacuum cleaner – and lots of milkshakes.

Mike has finally stopped looking at me like I’m crazy and now just smiles and says “Ok, Honey.” when I have an off-the-wall or unrealistic request like: “You need to clean out your dresser and rearrange our bedroom furniture right this second!” I’m still waiting for that one to get done. But since it’s sunny [and field work is calling], I guess I can let it slide…for now.

I’m sure the next month will fly by as I keep finding places to put the baby items and drying the tears that seem to start flowing randomly these days. Yes, they’re flowing as I write this.

Our little farm boy will be here before we know it. Here’s praying that all goes well and our little one arrives safe and sound.

The Reskovacs farm near Uniontown, Pa.

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