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Rural America, Truly Beautiful!

We must pause to revel in the awesome creation of rural America and today's farm

As the song goes, “O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain . . ..”

Even if you’re like me (can’t carry a tune in a bucket), we need to stop our labors once in a while to revel in where we are in God’s creation.

Thanks to you, our readers, my farm business trips allow me to do just that. On Sunday morning, our class was singing “America, the beautiful.” And I was thinking back about my farm business trips during the last two weeks – one of the best privileges or perks of my work.

It gave me time to marvel at the awesomeness of the creation we live in and in the innovations we in agriculture have been given. Sometimes, we’re too busy to slow down and give our busy lives much needed perspective of a much bigger picture. But it’s critical that we do so.

Our Earth’s first farmers were happy to dig enough roots out of the ground to feed maybe two or three people. Yet today, the average farmer (if there’s such a creature) feeds 155 people. What’s more amazing is that you grow twice as much food as your parents did, using less land, less energy and less water.

Revel, marvel, breathe in

Long after the sparklers have fizzled, after the rocket’s red flares have dimmed into darkness, we can still take pride in America’s agriculture. In fact, we must do so because it enhances our roles as stewards of our farm resources.

  • Revel in the mountain after mountain of forested lands teeming with wildlife. (Those groundhogs can be dealt with another time.)
  • Marvel in the millions of acres of fertile green croplands. (Don’t let a few weeds diminish your view.)
  • Deeply breathe in the freshness of the early morning air. (Even with a whiff of moo-do, farm air is clearer than what most big-city cousins choke on.)

You’ve been placed in the most productive land on earth and endowed with the abilities and resources to make it the world’s breadbasket. It’s definitely worth celebrating today and every day. Let us all give testimony to its value and the importance of protecting it.

O beautiful for spacious lands, for leaders who see beyond their years ...

Okay, I didn’t quite get the lyrics quite right, did I? Then again, it’s something we can aspire to and inspire our children to strive for. That’s what made this country strong, and one of the things required to keep it so.

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