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The Grazier's Gazette

Regain cost control and profit

Pasture grazing cattle
Attend a comprehensive ranching school June 20-24 to help you overcome low prices and high input costs.

The ranching industry has had some shocks lately; this might be a good time to review principles that are valid through good times and bad.

If your expenses are too high or your production is too low, this school just might help.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Noble Foundation, Tim Steffens and I will hold a five day comprehensive ranch management seminar in Ardmore OK. Though Steffens is a cattleman in his own right, he is also a college professor at West Texas A&M University, so this might be viewed as cooperation between the quadrangle and the cow pen.

This will be a pretty comprehensive school covering all aspects of ranching. Holistic planned grazing will be the centerpiece. I hope to get people to see that planned grazing is really total ranch management, encompassing everything from nutrition to pest control to financial control.

We will attempt to put out information that will be of immediate benefit to ranchers in all areas from arid to wet.

We will be teaching under these topical descriptions:

  • Identify economic weak links in forage based livestock enterprises that can and cannot be resolved with improved grazing management
  • Plant responses to disturbance and defoliation
  • Managing ecological function with grazing management
  • Match livestock and production cycles to forage resources
  • Grazing management tools, rules and guidelines
  • Planning infrastructure to facilitate goals
  • Annual grazing planning, monitoring and drought management

We will also have field activities and a grazing demonstration.

This school is limited to 35 participants, so register now. Cost is $350 per person, including lunches during the week. Accommodations are available in Ardmore:

To register, contact Tim Steffens, [email protected] or 806-651-2781, or Hugh Aljoe at The Noble Foundation: [email protected] or 580-224-6446.

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