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Redneck Sledding

Who needs some fancy-schmancy sled? Something you drag out of the shed is sure to be faster...and way more dangerous!

Check out this merry band of sledders! Slightly frozen, very snowy, and soon to be very sore. They are, give or take, most of the aunts, uncles and cousins on my husband's side.

Also, see that big round thing in the middle? The thing that resembles the top of a poly tank? 

Technically, it was the top of a poly tank. Then it became a giant sled. And it's amazing. I should also add, it may not look like an instrument of torture, but my sister-in-law's arm tells a different story. Seriously. It's all shades of yellow, green, blue and purple. But she says it was totally worth it.

And the two downsides to this little expedition, which may have led to the massive bruising everyone experienced:
1.         Frozen cow piles.
2.         Lack of steering.

Also, phrases heard that day:
1.         "I could really get hurt on this thing. But it's going to be so fun."
2.         "We're going to die!"
3.         Following much laughter: "Wait, they're not moving!"
4.         "I can't move."
5.         "Where's the Ranger?"

A full week later, my sister-in-law is still contemplating a visit to the doctor, but I think she'd go sledding again in a heartbeat. Because who wouldn't want to see cousins having this much fun? Front to back, that's Ryan, Kayla and Kaity. They're great buds. 

And here, Nathan and his Uncle David survey the action.  


I feel like this one deserves a good caption. Don't you just wonder what they're thinking?

"It's a good day to die."
"That's going to hurt tomorrow."
"I can't feel my cheeks."
"We're going to show them how it's done."

Or something like that. Or maybe they were just cold. Either way, I don't see anyone stopping talking about this day anytime soon.

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