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We old folks don't bounce back like we used to.

I mentioned last week that our New Year's Eve plans included lots of teenagers and very little sleep. Oh, did it ever.

In some fit of excitement late last fall, we decided to invite our high school youth group over to spend the night on New Year's Eve. They put together a little coffee house that night at church, which involved them serving and entertaining, then we returned to our house for the big sleepover. And pizza. You can't have a youth group sleepover without pizza.

A few thoughts on what went down:

1.         I stayed up until 4:50 a.m. It took me three days and 42 naps to recover. It didn't used to be that way.
2.         My husband only made it to 3:30. That means I won. 
            Or did I? Huh.
3.         We played "Mafia." It's a card game. I died, a lot.
4.         These words were spoken during Mafia: "I felt couch movement!" Actually, they were yelled. It was a surprisingly concrete defense.
5.         My niece showed up, and spent the night. The youth group kids were thrilled. She was their youth sponsor last summer, before she started her full-time teaching gig this past fall. I was reminded, yet again, of the energy and excitement she can bring to a room, and how God has perfectly placed her in a career where she can encourage young people.
6.         Two of our young people are awaiting college acceptance letters this month. You sort of forget how huge that is, until you think about the pins and needles you sat on while waiting for the very same letter. We shouldn't forget things like that.
7.         We let our kids stay up late. The youngest two made it to 11 p.m. See how Caroline is blurry? That's because she couldn't stop moving.  

8.         We let our oldest stay up till midnight. She was so excited. She actually cried a little when we told her she could stay up, and she's not an emotional kid. She was just that excited.
9.         There may be no better way to ring in the New Year than with a group of young people who are so optimistic, so full of life and so ready for the future. May the New Year be just like them.

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