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Raising Stink Without Real Manure

America's progress is challenged by half-vast facts

One lesser aspect of human nature is that we too often form opinions based on what we want to believe. We can forgive those who base their sentiments on their own, perhaps bad, experiences. But unfortunately, a mercenary element of America’s society preys on culpability. And some try to legitimize misinformation via the Internet.


How’s that, you ask?

Well, here are a few examples.


·        The most recent is the protest of putting a chicken manure-fired power plant in a central Pennsylvania industrial site. The neighborhood across the road is aroused because they know what chicken manure smells like. But you burn dried litter, not fresh “chicke-doo.”


·        A vocal element of our society is vigorously opposed the nuclear power today due to the Three-mile Island incident 31 years ago. Wouldn’t you suppose the technology and safety has improved a tad in three decades?


·        Propose a wind farm today, and opponents will be “atwitter” over the risks to night-time feathered fliers and the low-frequency whoosh of turbine blades cutting through air. Never mind that they’re always at higher altitudes where the breeze has its own voice.


·        “Factory farm” decriers either envision all meat animals romping through the pastures of life or secretly want to force everyone else to eat factory-raised veggie and tofu burgers. But reality is quite different. Without animal confinement facilities, meat prices would at least triple. Many consumers would suffer from low-protein diets and a great many more would go hungry. Last week’s report from the U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization indicated that the world needs to double its meat output within 40 years to meet the growing need.


·        And finally, gun control advocates (“Crazies” might not be too strong a word.) want to ban gun ownership “because guns kill!” Their idea of being safe is to allow only police, military and criminals to have guns. I guess they really think they’ll feel safer if that happens.


America’s naivety is compounded by the unlimited accessibility of gazillions of erroneous, outdated and sometimes purposefully spinned unfacts on the Web. Why’s that a problem? Because half-truths are nothing more than full adulterated lies. And without access to expert dispellers, the lies rule.


Appeal to their common sense, you suggest. People on a mission don’t find it appealing. Besides, they often have no common sense.


Our free society faces a growing population of antagonists and opportunists who do it for profit or self-aggrandizement. Not every agitator is in a washing machine.


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