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You would be proud, too, if you owned this classic truck

You would be proud, too, if you owned this classic truck
Truck Treasures: Indiana farmer has a right to be proud of the 1950s farm truck in his shed.

Old tractors aren’t the only thing you will find parked in barn lots or sitting in toolsheds that farmers are proud of. Many farmers are proud of their old trucks. Maybe it’s because of the truck's history on the farm, or maybe it was just a darn good truck. Whatever the reason, you can find them if you look for them.

Tractor Treasures is a regular feature in Indiana Prairie Farmer. Here is the first edition of Truck Treasures.

Randy Overman farms with his son, Aaron, near Peru in Miami County. Randy began farming with his dad, Earl. At age 87, Earl still ran the combine during wheat harvest this summer.

STAYING ON THE FARM: Randy Overman says because of this truck's history on the farm, he intends to keep it and continue using it.

For decades the Overmans have dumped grain out of the combine into a 1955 Ford F-600 grain truck. Earl bought it new for the farm, Randy says.

The red Ford still runs, and the Overmans still use it today on occasion. “It actually runs well, except it fouls the plugs now and then,” Randy says. It’s in reasonably good physical condition since it’s kept in the toolshed when not in use around the farm.

Visit chat sites on the internet and you will find that collectors and those who still have older trucks know the ins and outs of various models, and when the company made changes. For example, one report says the 1955 F-600 still ran off a 6-volt battery, but Ford changed to a 12-volt system the next year. Some people restoring older trucks where the history is sketchy use these kinds of details to verify which model year is actually correct for a vehicle.

If you have an older farm truck or pickup that you are proud of, let us know about it. Tell us as much about the history of your truck as you can. Email a quality digital image, if possible. Email [email protected], or write to: Indiana Prairie Farmer, P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131.  

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