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Who Will Print the First T-Shirt: 'I Survived the Winter of 2014'?

If you don't like weather changes, don't farm in Indiana!

How much cold and snow you can handle and still go on with business as usual varies, depending upon what you're used to. Friends from Minnesota claim temperatures in the minus 15 to minus 20 F category are no big deal. Maybe not if you're dressed like an Eskimo every day!

When they came to Indiana last week, it meant putting on three layers of clothing, a scarf, a face protector – anything to stop the stinging cold. It meant making sure livestock had water and heat, depending upon the species. You wouldn't want a shot from last week of someone using a propane torch, a small one, to thaw out water lines as a travel brochure for coming to Indiana.

We actually did that. More accurately, my son Daniel did. Thank goodness he was home for another week before going back to Purdue. Purdue started classes a week after Christmas this winter. Man, is that Mitch Daniels a prophet or what? All those dorms could stay on minimum heat without students there, instead of running fuel meters nuts as they would have otherwise. I'm sure the energy savings will be reflected on the students' tuition next year – just kidding.

My daughter, Allison, now lives in Atlanta, Ga. The cold even reached them with a low of four degrees. Schools were called off. Your fellow workers were concerned whether their cars were would start … it's not supposed to get that cold in Georgia.

It doesn't get to 15 below here very often, either. The point is everything is relative. The problem in Georgia is that kids don't have heavy winter coats – they're just not prepared for four degrees. If you're not prepared, four degrees is a big deal. Drop me in Minnesota, which basically Mother Nature did last week, and I'm not prepared for 15 below. I had to scramble to find enough clothes to keep from freeing while I was outside helping Daniel.

I always complain I hate the heat in the summer. I still do. But I think I'll drop off the part about liking cold weather. There is cold, and there is COLD. This winter and the blast last week was bone-chilling cold. You didn't have to be an Eskimo to know that.

Here's hoping you and your family survived. Maybe we've had the worst of the winter in Indiana. We'll see. Just remember, everything is relative, so if it gets back to zero, it won't feel that cold at all, not after we withstood 15 below.

But I'll still stay inside if it's zero, as long as I can find someone else to go feed the animals!

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