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Planning for Crop Input Needs

Invest time in business relationships with new suppliers.

If snow was money we could pay off the national debt!


We've been very busy clearing away snow, in addition to delivering corn to our local ethanol plant. I don't know what it's like where you farm, but for us in early January, it was difficult for many to even get to their grain bins. So, of course, on nice days everyone needs to deliver at once.


The other major effort for the past few months is to bring together our plan for crop input needs for 2010. Our intention and task is always to work with local businesses for our needs at a reasonably competitive price. We have accomplished that task again for this year, although one of our suppliers has changed.


The extreme volatility in the business of agriculture in the past couple of years has caused business ownership change. Along with this change many times business philosophy shifts.


We found ourselves involved in one of these shifts last season when one of our major suppliers was assimilated into a larger company, which has a different business approach than I am comfortable with.


As a result, a long term relationship with a local company has ended, and we are beginning anew with someone else.   


We invested much time with our new supplier to share our needs. We look forward to, and hope to have, a mutually beneficial relationship.


Change happens.


It's a new year! The snow is melting, our fertilizer costs have lowered substantially, and even some of our crop protection costs have come down from last season. The recent futures prices of soybeans and corn have allowed us to lock in a reasonable profit for 2010.


Now we just need Mother Nature to help a little.

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