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OK, Enough with the Heat Already!

Let's hope cooler weather pattern is a good omen.

For someone who physically can't stand heat, this has been a brutal summer. I've been too hot by clinical standards twice in my life, and I've pushed the limit on more than one occasion this summer. For someone who loves summer that only has a few days of 90 degrees or above, this has been a nightmare.

Within this nightmare came the county fair. It was so hot that anyone who sponsored fairs the third week of July should probably be accused of adult human abuse. The animals were much better cared for than the people from my way of thinking. There were times when I felt like crawling up next to the fan in the pig pen and taking a nap.

Next came the Indiana State Fair. I avoided the hottest part of it, but it became a nightmare in its own right, with the tragic stage collapse that killed seven and injured more than 40 others. It didn't help that the powers that be, whomever they might be, raised the temperatures of dozens of kids and parents by canceling 4-H shows for some sheep breeds and for all dairy breeds. The dairy kids didn't even get to do showmanship.

And while our Farm Progress Show last week was hugely successful and drew large crowds, I would be less than honest to say I didn't get hot during the afternoons. When the thermometer shoots above 100 degrees, it's hot!

So I've made a pledge. I'm not putting a jacket or coat on until its' 20 degrees outside. No one believes me, and I imagine I'll don a jacket somewhere before the mercury drops that far, but right now the walk-in freezer at locker plants sounds like a good place to be.

A few years ago there were actually record-setting 90-degree plus days in Indiana in early October. If that happens this year, I'll probably drop my pledge to 10 degrees before I wear a coat.

Complain about the snow and cold next winter all you want. I can't wait. When you're perspiring, your face is beat red, partly because of medications that don't react well with sunshine, and you're feeling feint, it's an awful feeling. You can only take off so many clothes, especially if you're a big, fat dude. On the other hand, when it is finally cold enough for a jacket, you can pile on all the clothes you want. Now if you're a summer lover and winter hater, argue that one!

Nothing sounds better right now than a fall day with temperatures in the high 60's, the leaves changing colors, and combines running, bringing in what crop the heat allowed them to raise, and my spoils judging teams checking out practice pits. Let's hope we finally catch a break, and get one decent, somewhat normal season out of the four this year. Is that too much to ask?

Don't answer that!
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