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No Retractions About Cold Weather Coming From Me!

I could, however, do without all the ice and snow!

I got so hot last summer, literally clinically overheated, that I promised that no matter how cold it got this winter or how bad, I wouldn't complain. After all, when your area  averages 18 days of 90 degrees F or above and you get nearly 40 during the summer, and you're allergic to heat, summer was a miserable experience.

I'm sticking to the guns about the cold. I've yet to complain about being too cold. I've joked that I'm just cooling down from last summer. So if you're tired of the cold, you won't find much sympathy here.

The ice and snow- now that's another matter. One thing about 90 degrees F everyday, day after day, for what seemed like weeks on end in an August that seemed to last a whole year, is that there is no ice and snow. There wasn't any rain either, just plenty of sweat and perspiration on those rare occasions when I couldn't find an excuse not to be indoors or in an air-conditioned vehicle of some sort.

One good thing about this winter is there are no flies to contend with. Flies don't show up when it's 20 or 25 degrees everyday. So that's another plus for winter.

Oh yes, the snow and ice. We're above average on snow, and yes, I'm tired of it. Does it beat tracking in mud in a soppy, warm, wet winter at the barn? Probably. But the ice which hit our area last week- I think I'll take the mud.

I've seen a movie version of the Dust Bowl where farmers tied ropes from the house to the barn and used them to hang onto so they could see and not get blown away. I felt like I needed a rope tied to the barn door last week so I didn't slide onto my rear. Several near falls, but no major falls- not yet. It's still slick as glass outside, especially when it refreezes at night.

My neighbor has what I need- some gadget that goes over your boot that has springs on the bottom, providing just enough traction to keep your footing. It must be something they use around ski lodges. His wife got it for him a couple years ago. Trouble is now she can't remember where she got it. I would have paid handsomely for a pair.

This winter will produce memories for youngsters and old geezers alike. I told my 90 year-old mom it seemed like an old-fashioned winter. When I was young, I remember snow and big drifts. My daughter Kayla, said it was hilarious to talk about an old-fashioned winter. Winter is winter to her. And if it's winter in Indiana, sooner or later you're going to hit one that features cold, snow and ice all rolled into one.

Guess what- we found it! If you want to complain about the snow and ice, I'm with you- it's time to thaw out. But the cold- forget it. It's only 150 days away from 90 degree weather territory. That's enough to make me want to go out in my shirt sleeves right now and cool off while I can!

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