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Will They Need to Clear Snow for the Indy 500?

Winter hangs on with a vengeance.

My daughter flew in from Minneapolis a couple days ago. We went to the airport to meet her. Snowdrifts along I-70 were a mile high…well, almost. They had piled a huge mountain of snow after clearing parking lots and other areas.

It got me to thinking. When will this winter end? How long before that snow melts? Stuck in this cycle of most days in the teens, with a day now and then sneaking above 30 degrees, it's hard to imagine it ever getting warm again. Will they still be pushing snow when the Indy 500 rolls around in May?

Not likely, but it's hard to imagine the big race being only three and a half months away. It's easier to imagine a hockey game breaking out rather than a car race in the frozen tundra that is Indiana.

Because it is Indiana, it could be in the 60s this week. Let's hope so, but it's not likely. Ken Scheeringa, associate state climatologist, says this pattern looks 'ice solid' through February. He's not commenting about February. He says he hasn't looked yet at the data. I just hope the truth isn't that he has looked, and it's so dismal he doesn't want to tell us.

A good contest might be guessing when the last trace of snow finally disappears from central Indiana. It could likely be that pile of snow at the airport that melts last. And that's assuming we don't get any more snow, which is a pretty big assumption.

Joy McClain writes in the March Indiana Prairie Farmer that she now knows what it's like to visit Antarctica, and she knows why few people live there. She also says she can't wait for 100 degree, humid days of summer.

I'll meet you halfway, Joy. I certainly am not booking passage to Antarctica, and I've had my fill of snow. I don't want to wear a snow suit should I go to the Indy 500. But I can't stand heat either.

One of my co-workers said she would like to live somewhere where the temperature was always between 52 for a low and 72 for a high. "Oh, you're moving to Hawaii to retire," I responded.

I told her that wouldn't work for me because going to the airport to pick someone up is as close as I intend to get to an airplane.

She quickly responded that it wouldn't work for her either. She figures that if she and her husband cashed in all their worldly possessions, they might have enough money to buy an airplane ticket to San Francisco – about as close as they could get to Hawaii.

I guess for now we'll enjoy the 'snow' mountain. And let's hope the weatherman who won't talk about March isn't holding back bad news – like 6 more weeks of winter.

That wouldn't get us to the Indy 500, but it might make it chilly for the Easter Bunny!

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