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Beefs and Beliefs

More Thoughts on Hiring Millennials

Management advisor says personal experience has brought him to general conclusions.

Here’s one last shot for those who were grieved by management adviser Don Tylers’ remarks I reported in this blog a couple weeks back.

I asked Tyler for some clarification and sent him the three Internet addresses for articles I posted just a few days back for our readers to dig into.

Here’s Tyler’s answer:


Thanks for the follow up. It was great to meet you in Garden City awhile back and share some thoughts between presenters.

Concerning the trends in honesty, I don’t have a specific study to cite that would provide these trends, although your second link below states it pretty clearly in the first paragraph… My reference to the trend was anecdotal from my experience with businesses that have to spend more time explaining it and dealing with it. Some examples:

  • Increased problems with employees falsifying hours worked, to the extent that several of my clients have never used time clocks….. until the last 3 years. Some have even had to go one step further and use biometrics (retina scans or fingerprint scanners) to clock in so that others can’t clock in for them. Another one was a manager who actually took apart the time clock on a regular basis, reset the time, punched in, then set the time back!
  • Falsifying records to increase bonuses or improve performance numbers. Not much of an issue in the past, but a definite issue now.
  • Having to expand the “Employee Behavior” section in Employee Handbooks. I used to have simple statements that only dealt with very bad behaviors, such as stealing and being drunk on the job, but now I have to include lengthy (sometimes several pages) descriptions of unacceptable behaviors because if we do not, many employees feel that anything we don’t mention is “okay” to do.

There are many other anecdotal examples that don’t have specific trend data to back them up, but here are a few things that are indicators:

  • If there is not an increase in dishonesty, why are so many schools having to teach instructors how to spot cheaters and also have extensive programs to reduce cheating?
  • Why do many businesses prefer older, retired employees (McDonalds, Wal-Mart, etc.) to the new workforce, especially for greeters at Wal-Mart? Greeters at Wal-Mart are an important part of their security. Why can’t they trust younger people to do it?
  • Why do most college sports teams have a “Morals Coach” or something similar to keep their players out of trouble?

Sorry to not provide anything more concrete but the trend is certainly clear.

In every generation there is as much difference within the generations as there is between the generations, so just because there is a trend in the broad group it is not an indictment of personal behavior.

Thanks again for the reference, and let me know if I can help you in any way in the future.

Happy Trails,



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