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Animal Health Notebook

More Thoughts And Facts About Fat

The big fat lie has turned us all into sugar junkies, which is a fatal condition.


Fat does not make you fat, but remove the fat from your diet and add sugars and high fructose corn syrup and you will get fat and old prematurely.

These are important facts that we need to drive into the deepest parts of our cerebrum. Americans have been lied to about their diet more than any culture in history.

To the contrary, every highly successful society in history has searched for and consumed large amounts of quality fat. The tallest, healthiest and longest-lived were based on diets high in ruminant animal fat and protein. The longest lived ate huge amounts of meat, organs and fat from ruminants grazing highly mineralized green grass. Other cultures had similar quality results from the consumption of enormous quantities of fatty fish, and their organs that came from a green, mineralized food chain; usually from salt water.

When we move our dietary habits toward these principles, we are moving toward total health followed by the near elimination of the young, middle age and geriatric maladies that my physician friends treat unsuccessfully by the droves on a daily basis.

Health is a three-legged stool. Our health is dependent on what we believe, what work we choose, and what we eat and drink. Someone said that there are two kinds of people; the ones who live and learn and the ones who just live and die. We have to decide what to believe, who to believe in and listen, where to put our energy, and what to eat and drink. In this information age of today, the principles are still simple but the successful execution is often skewed by half-truths that are being touted.

I was around when high fructose corn syrup came on the market in quantity in the mid to late 70’s and it was touted as a healthy sugar. A few years later it had become very inexpensive and the food and soft drink business replaced refined white sugar with high fructose corn syrup at a savings of billions of dollars annually to both industries. The price was so low that more sweetener was added to more products than ever before. Remember, sugar is highly addictive and that cancer cells love sugar.

Of course, since we were removing all the healthy fats from our foods they no longer tasted good and so sugars of all kinds were the replacement to entice us to eat those foods. Because of this lowering of dietary fat which previously slowed absorption of sugars from the gastrointestinal tract, the blood sugar level shoots up almost instantaneously following sugar consumption. Take a look at your soft drinks, sports drinks, and most prepared foods and you will find high fructose corn syrup as the first, second, or third ingredient the great majority of the time. The farther up the list an ingredient appears, the more of the product it constitutes.

As soon as your blood sugar level rises above 120 units in your blood stream, insulin kicks in and directs the excess to storage as body fat. Therefore, diet foods containing high fructose corn syrup or other sugars and low or zero fat are simply a lie. Ditto the same effect of skim or any low-fat milk. Drink it often and you will get fat and become less healthy.

Milk is homogenized by forcing it under pressure through tiny screens that break the fat globules in the raw milk (denatures the milk fat) and suspends the resulting changed fat in the milk so that it will no longer float. The resulting fat is not what came from the cow and the normal digestive processes stop. Very differently, high-butterfat raw milk is not fattening, does not cause lactose intolerance and aids in long-term blood-sugar stabilization. An 8- to 12-ounce glass with a small, moderately fat steak, and three or four prunes at breakfast and I will bet that you can drink several 16 oz. bottles of water during the day, skip snacks and lunch and never miss a beat. You get healthier, save money and live longer.

High quality fat sources are almost nonexistent in our society. My industrial colleagues tell me that it is too expensive to produce. I totally disagree.

Remember, our body’s physiology has changed almost zero in the last 6,000-plus years.

If aggressive grass farming/ranching were subsidized by our government like the commodity grain and ethanol industry or if all agricultural subsidies were removed from agriculture we could produce huge amounts of quality milk, beef, lamb and goat products very competitively. Our soil could be restored. The health crisis would subside. We would also make more money.

Once again beef would be king.

Fat facts to weigh

* High-quality, moderately-fat beef produced from fresh, green leaves is the number one answer to America’s health crisis and is America’s number one health food.

* Sugar – All sugar, including high fructose corn syrup, speeds maturity on both sides. Feed sugar, such as molasses, to heifers or bulls and they will breed at earlier ages. The same is true of children and young people. Continue a similar ration or diet and old age sets in at a much younger age.

The opinions of R.P. Cooke are not necessarily those of Beef Producer or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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