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Beefs and Beliefs

More About Millennials

My blog last week set the youngest generation’s hornet nest buzzing.

I generated some real discussion with my post on the Millennial Generation An Odd Workforce and the comments of management expert Don Tyler about truth and integrity issues.

My fellow blogger on our site, Andy Vance, posted comments on his Facebook page. From there it went to Feedstuffs Foodlink on Facebook and then Vance posted a really good set of comments on his personal blog here.

I tend to agree with him that regardless of generational influence, ag people are generally salt of the earth and that Tyler’s comments don’t necessarily apply to “farm kids.” In fact, Tyler said that day I heard him talk in Garden City, Kansas, that many young people who get hired for agricultural jobs aren’t from agricultural backgrounds.

But I have more to say on this.

First, I know and have known people who were raised on the farm who are as dishonest as the day is long, and just as likely to lie as tell the truth. Generation doesn’t matter in this count. Some people are just lacking in traditional Judeo-Christian morality.

But there are problems being documented with the Millennial Generation. I asked Don Tyler in an email about this and he hasn’t written back yet but some careful research and reading on the Internet will bear this out.

Educators all over the nation are saying the level of cheating they’re seeing today is unprecedented. They say this generation is so accustomed to sharing everything in a teamwork setting and having instant gratification that many are just willing to do whatever they must to get what they want.

Try these studies to read about academic cheating.

New Codes for a New Generation

The Millenial Generation

The underlying psychology is explored better in this article, which is very thorough and seems reliable according to my above-average background in that science.

Strategies for Working with the Millennials

Further, I’d say that many of the complaints logged in all this discussion were from those who say the Millennials themselves say they don’t like dishonesty. But it’s been my life experience and again it is borne out by the better-done psychological research that one must be careful with studies which ask people to rate themselves.

Self-awareness, therefore self-analysis, is historically a very weak vessel. Most people are not good at judging themselves and the more problems they have the worse they are at it.

So, before you hang me up to dry, read some of the material on the latest generation.

And for the record, I think the majority of problems in the world arise from a lack of personal responsibility, accountability to others, and lack of moral foundation. These cross generations, class distinctions and continents.

Oh … one more thing. In the January issue of Beef Producer we’ll take a look at how to get the most from these young workers and examine what makes them tick. That’s really the piece I’m looking forward to writing.

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