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If this is Mittwoch, or Wednesday, it's all the Same

If this is Mittwoch, or Wednesday, it's all the Same
In the farm shows business, no matter where you are, it appears Wednesdays are a big deal.

After years of working at Farm Progress, there are just some truths a person deals with. Deadlines keep coming. Farmers ask great questions. And Wednesdays are big at the farm shows. Turns out that last one could be a truism for other shows too.

As we made the trek from hotel to show site at Agritechnica this morning we discovered there were quite a few more people on hand going into the show than on Tuesday. Over here in Germany Mittwoch is Wednesday (Mittwoch means mid-week), and it sure felt like a show Wednesday to me. the panorama shot here from the John Deere exhibit shows just what I mean.

WEDNESDAY CROWD: John Deere had plenty of customers and others on hand at Agritechnica 2013.

This is a big show that brings with it more than wholegoods to view. Due to its every-other-year nature this is a show that brings purchasing agents and engineers as well, which brings component makers too. Three buildings out of the more than 30 here have components on display - from hydraulic cylinders to electrical components to...well, you name it and we could probably find it here.

U.S. farmers visiting this show would love the products on hand, even though most aren't useful over here. Yet you can see how engineers cope with the idea of narrow roads, changing transportation limits, small fields and other pressures. And the thought I come away with is the idea that ag engineers have a lot of ideas and innovations to draw from as U.S. rules on transportation and other issues change.

Big farm shows the world over have their differences, idiosyncrasies and fascinations. Agritechnica is the granddaddy of European shows and has grown in stature as other shows here have declined or disappeared. My first Euro show visit was the old Smithfield Show in Britain nearly 30 years ago - that show is gone.

It is hard to be impartial about farm shows you're when part of the Farm Progress group. We know what we offer U.S. farmers. Agritechnica fills a solid niche as well  and a fun one to be part of every other year. The 'mittwoch crowd' was also quite familiar. So I continue to enjoy the show, getting my usual show ails like sore feet, but I enjoy seeing the new machines and their uses from a different part of the world. Will share more later this week.

And if you're thinking you might want to travel to Hannover, Germany for the 2015 show, I'd say it would be worth the trip. I know I'm planning to return.

Catch my first installment from Agritechnica.

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